Home Learning – How do I find the best resources?

It seems like everyone is starting to feel the pain of home learning and maneuvering through the world of curriculum, digital resources and daily routines. Trying to find quality resources to support assigned lessons or trying to create lessons if your district hasn’t provided them can be overwhelming. Content about how to support digital learning is popping up EVERYWHERE, but how do we sift through it all?

Parents and caregivers have been thrown into home learning and that can be stressful, but if  you become overwhelmed so will your kiddos. Keep it simple. Take it a day at a time and know that you don’t have to become a teacher overnight. Those of us who have degrees in education have spent years beyond college mastering our craft.

I’ve curated some go to, helpful resources and many of them your schools are already using. Why reinvent the wheel when so much of it has been done for you! I will also continue to provide information and ideas about how to engage your students with STEM activities that apply to daily life. So be sure to check back in soon and links to all of my social media are on my homepage at Miss Science.

Take care of yourself, your family, know we’ll all get through this together! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to my via email: sherri@missscience.com

How to create a great at-home learning environment:

6 Strategies to Succeed as an Online Student (Florida Virtual School)

Edmodo Tips and Resources for Parents


Resources and Lessons that Support Specific Standards or Key Ideas:

CPalmsCPALMS is an online toolbox of information, vetted resources, and interactive tools that helps educators effectively implement teaching standards.

Cohesion Education– K-5 Math, Reading and Writing video library for parents. Resources were designed by teachers, created to empower parents and are SUPER easy to use!

School Resources Available from Home: 

Schools around the country subscribe to many of the resources listed below. These are great for supporting assigned lessons (if teachers haven’t already included them in their lessons) and they are very engaging for students of all ages. You should be able to access your school’s digital content from most devices including computer, laptop, tablet or phones. Most school districts use Destiny Discover or MackinVia for digital content management. If your district uses a single sign-on such as Cleaver or Launchpad your students should be able to access all of their resources including eBooks, databases Discovery Education, Tumblebooks and Britannica School by using one username and password. If your school doesn’t subscribe to these resources many of them including Capstone, BrainPOP and Newsela are offering FREE online access during school closures.


Thanks to Alison Barlow at St. Pete Innovation District for creating an amazing list of resources. I’ve expanded on a few that are not specific to Florida and can also support project-based learning.

Scholastic Classroom Magazine Projects

These are a great way to kick off learning that goes beyond the computer. Scholastic Magazine was a favorite go to for me when I was teaching in the classroom and wanted to expand on our focused curriculum.

Audible is offering access to stories. This is a great way to connect literature and STEM. For example you could listen to The Merry Adventures of Robinhood (Discover Elementary) and use supplies around the house (popsicle sticks, rubber bands etc.) to make a trebuchet. Try Engineering is an awesome resource!

#operationstorytime Why should it just be celebrities sharing great stories. Have your kiddos create their own interactive content using Buncee!

Using the project-based learning resources from last blog, The Science of Ice Cream take a virtual dairy tour to see how dairy products are produced and get to our shelves

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