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Jimmy Kimmel’s done it. Kelly, Ryan and Ellen have done it. Even Miss America has done it. The “IT” I’m referring to is a science demonstration called Elephant Toothpaste.

The internet is filled with content on how to make Elephant Toothpaste, videos of world records and cute littles amazed by this crazy chemical reaction. So why would I choose to do this demonstration on Great Day Live Tampa Bay?  Well…while audiences applaud and Jimmy Kimmel talks about how much his science class sucked, no one talks about HOW this fantastic demonstration can lead to connected learning opportunities.

That’s where I’m changing the game! This year my plan is to demonstrate how science connects us to everything! I’ve preached about it for years, but this year I’ll be showing it. Starting with Elephant Toothpaste on GDL Tampa Bay. My sweet friend Livia will be helping me and she’s kicking off our segment with a story she wrote. Simply put, Livia is using a science demonstration as her own catalyst to explore connections between what she observes and creative writing. A demonstration like Elephant Toothpaste reaches beyond scientific concepts around exothermic reactions and breaking down Oxygen molecules by supporting a connection between science and other subjects and things we see or hear about in our daily lives.   

For example, February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. A science demonstration like Elephant Toothpaste can spark learning about what makes our toothpaste foam or why proper dental hygiene is important. It also allows for discussion on how researchers are using DNA to track ivory poachers. One science demonstration can lead to a plethora of interest powered, purpose driven learning connections that would even have a young Jimmy Kimmel engaged!

So, parents and teachers don’t be afraid to add some science into your reading, cooking or daily chatter. It is informal learning that sparks imagination and innovation. For more resources and ideas check out my Collection by Destiny. And…if you haven’t started following me on social media go to my website and “Let’s Get Social”.


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